We have been applying Defence and Security lessons learnt from Dolphines and their lifestyles: agility, intelligence, strength and versatility in delivering successfully assignments to our clients, in a very simplified bespoke yet satisfying manner that meets the client’s goals.

We help national security organizations to address their most difficult challenges and important opportunities.

Defense and security institutions worldwide — including defense ministries, military commands, regional and national security organizations, and intelligence agencies — are under intense pressure to maintain a high level of security for citizens while substantially reducing expenditures.

We combine deep international experience in national security with global expertise that spans industries, the public, private, and social sectors. Threats to national security are constantly evolving, whether they’re military, intelligence, police, cyber or terror organisations must evolve to meet them. 

Our diverse teams of experts work with governments to reshape and reorganise to counter threats and keep people safe, we also assist private companies in aerospace, defence and security businesses anticipate while becoming more responsive to meet their clients’ needs.

We help our clients resolve strategic conundrums, like making sure the armed forces have enough people with the right skills and judging when to overhaul equipment and technology.

We do it by taking the time to understand each challenge and opportunity instead offering an off-the-shelf solution. We work with teams and entire workforces to ensure everyone is clear on their purpose and that culture change sticks. We combine unrivalled sector insight with specialist expertise drawn from different industries and geographies.

This means the solutions we develop are both innovative and pragmatic. Whether you operate in the public or private sector, we can help to: 

  • increase the contribution of defence to national prosperity
  • strengthen national security to protect the public and save lives
  • promote innovation to maintain operational advantage
  • deliver greater productivity from the available resources
  • ncrease revenue, reduce costs and improve programme performance
  • address the technology, people, organisational and cultural aspects of change.


Our expertise can help you to address complex issues such as programme management and business change, research and innovation, technology delivery shape the strategies for a new digital age balancing security and privacy. Identify actionable intelligence from multiple data and information sources, design new operating models to deter, disrupt or prevent crime and terrorism.

We work with you to design your defence and security organisations so that they perform at their best, now and for the long term.