The great white shark’s intelligence, versatility, speed and surprise represents our approach and advantage as we serve our clients to help them solve their challenges.

Lack of clarity in the scope of the business functions and insufficiently defined business requirements, are the top two challenges facing organizations today in managing business requirements. 

Market pressure, changing technology and the complexity of projects are driving management to juggle between on-going stakeholder expectations and business dynamics. 

Operating in unfamiliar territories with individuals and companies can unwittingly expose your organization to a variety of risks such as political risk, security breaches, fraud and theft. Therefore, due diligence is required. 

We can provide our clients with analysis of current and future events enabling them to make strategic decisions. We take on work such as gathering information from public and

open sources which we evaluate according to their reliability. 

We typically provide business intelligence and analysis on the people and organisations that are most likely to have an impact on their organization, including asset tracing work by providing contextual insight, geographic and historical reach in the analysis and help clients benchmark and prioritise integrity risks across and within countries. 

Our promise to clients is a better return on their investments, by minimizing and managing their risks, increasing organization’s efficiency, gaining their competitive edge over competitors in their market by keeping them constantly updated on the current market trends as well as market share intelligence to help them stay ahead of their competitors.